I came to attachment parenting through the experience of motherhood, more than a quarter-century ago. I was a wonk long before that.

Now I do something I don’t see much of elsewhere. When the media, or the medical establishment, warns us against the dangers of “excessively” close parenting—bedsharing, let’s say, or being a full-time parent—I go and read the underlying research. Frequently I’m astonished by what passes for acceptable methodology.

Reading my blog entries, you may see that from the outside—from the viewpoint of the reader—it takes some digging to spot the defects in these studies. But after you see them, you really have to wonder: Could the people on the inside, the people who designed the research, possibly have missed them?

About me:

I grew up and was educated in the Northeast but for thirty-five years I have lived in rural Arizona, where I have been a lawyer, a mother-at-home, and a high school math teacher.

I am working on a book about mistaken ideas that have taken hold in the U.S. concerning motherhood.

In the meantime I’ve decided to post my takes on a few claims that are constantly appearing in the press.

Contact me at misdiagnosisofmotherhood@gmail.com

Elizabeth S. Bernstein

One Comment on “About”

  1. joanreichel says:

    Keeping up with 21st Century ideas for family issues is very interesting to me.

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